School for Potheads #1

.Learn while you burn. 

for your smart pothead friends

If you love to smoke flower but feel like you're not productive enough. I Can Help! 

Why should I buy this?

So you can have something all set up for you to learn while you get high and happy. No searching involved and picking the right info video.. everything is made for you here. It's less work. It's fun. and it's Constructive. 

Covering Topics such as: 

Universal Law. Investing. Work/Career. Money Consciousness. Intention Setting. Mind Hacking. History on ground breaking inventions etc. Richest People on Earth. Foods. Sustainability. 

Activities include:

Fun Writing Prompts. Homework. Physical Activities. Suggested Mantras and more!

A fun school for flower puffers to have something fun+educational while you puff it up. Smoking can become double the fun to you! Sometimes when you smoke you can fall into this nonconstructive pattern of downhill thoughts because you're bored or aren't sure what to do after you're high! Now You Do! Enjoy!

30 days 


60 Days 


Includes 30 days of learning, topic variety is limited to Universal law+Business+

Foods+writing prompts

Includes 60 days of learning, topic variety is limited to everything in package 1+Mind hacking+Money Consciousness+Sustainability+Physical activities+ (some,not all) Mantras

90 Days


or two

45 day


of $300

90 days of learning, All topics and activities included 

$7.04 a day for every package

School For Potheads #2

Learn while You Burn, Re-program while You Burn! 

For The Conscious Pothead 

If you smoke flower and you  eat, sleep, and breathe consciousness and feel limited to your physical supply of tools to elevate. 

I Can Help! 

Why should I Buy this?

As a conscious pothead, you're proving to yourself that you can be high and productive. Coming home late from work? Don't have time to search for constructive videos or activities before you light up the flower? Now It's Settled!

Topics Include: 

Universal Law. Re-programming tool-box. Life-changing Truths. Inner and Outer bodies. Meditation. 

Activities Include: 

Guided Meditations. Writing Prompts. Mantras. Physical Activities. Mental Excercises.

I know what can add/enhance your power when you're toking up. I've been through it! Let's keep you busy and constructive instead of hungry and bored! Since your mind is so open when you puff the flower, it's the perfect time to reprogram! You're loose. Big Thinking. and Relaxed. Toke One while you complete this course made just for conscious potheads! 

30 days of learning 


60 days of learning 


90 days of learning 


or two

45 day


of $300 

All packages are the same. 

The only difference is the depth in which we go. Package one is of course deep, then deeper in package two and a wider range and package 3 is super deep with a very wide range of all topics. (More examples, sites, evidence etc.) 

$7.04 a day 

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