Kyra Carlin is a passion driven woman. She has this undying passion to help people with whatever she can. She believes that a good relationship depends on either party to be understanding, inspiring, generous, growth addicted, and fun. Kyra is a writer of self-help and informational books as well as non-fiction series. She has been studying the law of attraction since 2018 and has become deeply enveloped in the law. She is consistently maneuvering her life every day to ensure she aligns in accordance with it's nature. Miss Carlin is a devoted vegan for eternity. She believes it is wrong to eat flesh and is convinced that the future is vegan. If you're looking to find this woman, check your local book store, supermarket, vintage coffee house, EDM festival, growth conference, or somewhere around the globe. Kyra loves to travel and enlighten people. She is said to speak at a conscious event in Boca raton, Florida in May of 2019 while introducing her new published book; "The Tremendous Worth of You." Deeply embedded in Kyra's core is the belief that if you act as who you want to be. That will come. What else could come? Nothing other than that of which you think and feel about all day. Her mission here on earth is to awaken those who need awakening and to shine her brightest light. She has clear evidence in her life that her mission is to stay true to herself. 

"I am a woman of luxurious taste with an insatiable hunger to become better than I was yesterday and to bring as many people with me as I can."

-Kyra Carlin 

                                                                                                                   Why Kyra? 

Kyra sees herself as qualified to teach those who she feels called to help because of her sharp mind to detail, and her large heart of understanding. Kyra is a big thinker. She thinks bigger than anyone else you know. If you need anyone to give you a huge idea, or a push on your huge idea. Kyra is the woman you need. She has a visionary mind that is capable to see the way that things play out. She is equipped with the gifts to get you to the next level slowly, but surely. She believes in long lasting results. She knows that immediate results are to leave as quickly as they came, though long awaited fruits shall continue reaping for centuries on. Kyra mainly works with affirmations. Affirmations are the root of her work with a concrete reason. We are what we repeatedly think, do and feel every day. If you knew this for sure.. would you    change a few things in your life? Kyra knows in her gut that when you stick to your affirmations, they will show up in your life, not only 6 months later, but continue on some years later. Why? Because affirmations are an energy just as you are. When you connect yourself to positive words and actions etc, that energy must cause a ripple effect. The ripple effect will domino out into the universe to cause much bigger of an explosion than you'd ever thought. Kyra has seen her life change within one year and a half due to affirmations. Some of her affirmations have already come into fruition. When working with Kyra, you can expect a no bullshit time together. You can have faith that she will dive into your desires and come up with the best way possible to make them a reality. Kyra will call you out on your shit, grow you, and assure you're on the best possible path to where you want to go. How? Through affirmations and fruits. She sleuths through your inner workings to connect in her mind what is not working at this moment and what is. She uses her gift of feeling to bring out your pains. It may even feel that as soon as you walk into the room all of your pains and insecurities come into play. One of her gifts is that she has the innate capability to rip the worst of you to the surface in order to get you into your "best you" suit. Feeling like you want to work with Kyra Carlin, the legend, herself? You can! 

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