Empowering people through healthy living inside and out 

What is Social Marketing?

Are you obsessed with supplements and health? Are you sick of products that don't work for you? Are you in desire for an extra income? Do you want to step out of your comfort zone?

" Shit, this poor girls' in a pyramid scheme. I better warn her. "

Is what you're prob thinking right now. LOL. Now that we've got that out of the way, What is Social Marketing? Social Marketing is like having a store front accept you dont have to carry around product, and you get to offer the people who walk into your store, a job where you don't have to be there. 

Sound too good to be true? I understand. I thought that too when I first started. What am I actually getting myself into? Turns out I got myself into an amazing business that changed my life. 

Social Marketing is getting bigger and bigger these days and whether you want an extra $50 a month or an extra $11k a month, it's your choice! Social Marketing offers jobs to those who don't have enough time in their days since you're able to work it 5 minutes a day if you're too busy to do more. 

It allows you to connect with thousands of people around the world who are wanting to head in the same direction you are. And your uplines? Forget about it. They understand you and have been where you are. It allows you to be trained by people who have grown and been through all the things you're going through with zero judgement. 

It's because of my uplines, that I am as loving, smart, and understanding as I am today. Social Marketing teaches me patience, Thrill, Goal Setting, Vision, Integrity, Commitment, Resilience, Humility, and Grit. How bad do I want it? 

Think you want to try it out and dive head in to strange waters and commitment, Email me at contactmekdc@gmail.com

Empowering people through change of thought

Affirmations. Affirm. Actions. 

Enough said. 

Do you feel like you know where you're going but you need a little more confidence in yourself? (or a lot) 

Are you a Crazy, spiritual badass who is looking to take control of their thoughts once and for all?

Maybe you have an issue in your inner or outer world and are looking for a new way to view it? 

Maybe you're just an absolutely awesome freak of nature and decide you want to pump that awesomeness up?


I empower you by taking you through the human mind to see how it works. To understand is to let go. To mis-understand is to hold on to. 


The more you understand how your human brain works, the more you can manipulate it into something beautiful. Something you love. 


Feeling like you want to get into all those nooks and crannies of the un-spoken? Click the button at the top of the page in the left hand corner. 

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